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Due to the snowstorm in New England, we are rescheduling today’s 11:00 AM video webinar, “AWS or Azure: How to Move from Analysis Paralysis towards a Smart Cloud Choice,” as our cloud experts and staff are not able to travel safely to GreenPages’ headquarters for the live, in-person discussion.

We will send out the new video webinar date and time as soon as possible to everyone who registered. Thank you for your understanding and stay tuned for more details!




AWS or Azure?

As most IT professionals know, choosing between these dynamic cloud entities can be overwhelming. But the challenge is less about comparing and contrasting features, and more about what your business goals are. What kind of workloads do you have? How will this affect your go-to-market agility? Will it cost more than an on-premise solution? How do you explain the value to your business owners?

Join GreenPages' Cloud Experts for a lively, non-biased discussion including:

  • The Current State of the Public Cloud
  • AWS vs. Azure: An Overview
  • Public Cloud Integration
  • Cost Considerations
  • Real World Use Cases
  • Lessons Learned from the Field
  • Moving Forward with a Strategy