Almost 100% of our clients are in the process of migrating to public cloud...HOWEVER the vast majority have encountered a range of challenges which are stalling and impeding this strategic initiative. Why?

Listen to Geoff and Jay, our Cloud Ops experts, discuss the key strategies to plan, optimize, and govern your public and hybrid clouds. 

Top five issues we're hearing from clients:

#1. IaaS is more complex than PaaS or SaaS. It's hard to get it right.

#2. Our operating processes were built for on premises, not cloud.

#3. Security is a huge priority and cloud expands our attack surface.

#4. Connecting back to core legacy systems is complicated.

#5. Our people are smart, but we simply don't have all the necessary skill sets.

You'll hear actual client feedback and learn about blueprints you can use in your organization...Just because your operational tools, processes, and skill sets weren't built for the cloud era, doesn't mean you can't compete and succeed!

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