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Aside from the health and economic ramifications we’re all currently concerned about, IT professionals (including us) have learned a few things so far…not all positive or surprising, and much of it by fire. Examples include:

  • Under-built infrastructures unable to handle the sudden pivot to work from home
  • Major gaps in untested Business Continuity Plans
  • Security, connectivity and data encryption issues with employee-owned devices
  • Understaffed help desks overwhelmed by new tickets and call volume
  • Acceleration of workloads to the cloud and optimization of cloud spend
  • Digital transformation quickly gaining speed as we are all now living online

What we don’t yet know (as of this writing) is how the changes underway now will affect us moving forward—and for how long. IT organizations may end up reverting to familiar approaches in some cases, while new and agile ways of supporting users with innovative technology approaches may prevail. What we do know is that it will be different.

Download the on-demand webinar to watch the candid discussion with GreenPages’ technical and business experts, as we review 2020 so far. We discuss what we’ve learned, what’s surprised us, and the most promising technologies and IT approaches we’ve seen to support a workforce with changed expectations, in a world with a new roadmap.

Webinar Panel:

  • Joshua Dinneen, President of Sales & Marketing
  • Simon Johnson, SVP of Technical & Business Advisory Services
  • Jay Keating, SVP of Service Delivery

Also, due to the business disruption caused by COVID-19, we created a resource page of current partner special offers and promotions to help IT orgs more quickly and successfully support remote workforces. If you need any help, please reach out to us!

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